Branding and Graphics

Branding is more than just a good logo (though we do love to kick start your brand with a good logo). We’re here for the full branding package – logo, style, attitude and all. Having cohesive branding encourages customer trust and helps keep your business on the top of consumers minds.

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First Impressions Count

What people think (about your brand) really matters. Your potential customer’s first impression of you can be a make or break situation. Don’t let them click away because of scary outdated graphics! We help by making sure your brand shines on first impressions.



Control Your Message

Your branding is how you control the message you’re showing people. People will always make assumptions about your brand by what they see online. We make sure your branding shares your message (so your fans can share it too).

Consistency Builds Trust

Having a cohesive brand including your logo, voice, and style tells your customer they can rely on you. This adds a level of stability for your brand and translates to more trust from your customers. We help ensure your customers get the same good feeling every time they see your brand.


Beginning with a strategy session, we help to guide your marketing efforts from the start. We can then work to craft the branding and graphics strategy that will be the best power up for your business.

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