Our Story

Swamped Media was born out of love for small business and the entrepreneurs that make our economy grow. Bringing companies online and building a powerful digital presence is what we do best.


We start with a strategy session to help guide your marketing efforts from the start. Next, we work with you to understand what your company needs to grow in a digital world. Then we build the branding and digital marketing assets you need to power up your business.


We have been creating custom websites for almost a decade. Along the way we have added digital marketing services to further aid your business, gaining our client’s new fans and ultimately increasing revenue.


We’re here to help; no matter your budget or digital know-how. Consulting, branding, and marketing services are just as needed in your tool-kit as a beautiful website. We can help guide you, or have us take the reigns and do it for you.

Meet the Team


Wendy Dolan


President, Get Online NOLA

Wendy started Get Online NOLA in 2014 with the mission to help the businesses that keep the New Orleans economy churning. She has worked with big-name clients such as Nike, Dannon, & Dr. Pepper, but loves helping New Orleans business owners develop their brands, and establish a strong online presence.

A Little More About Wendy:

  • Favorite candy – I have a sweet tooth so that’s hard to narrow down, but chocolate always wins.
  • Favorite hobby – Yoga, I guess, but it’s more of a ritual than a hobby.
  • Best coffee in the city – Church Alley. So glad they moved to Mid City!
  • Beach, woods, or mountain – All 3, please. The best thing about living in Los Angeles was having all 3 within an hour’s drive.
  • Lot’s of apps or big entree – Family style so I don’t get menu envy.
  • Favorite New Orleans festival – Bayou Boogaloo ‘cause I can get there by canoe.
  • Favorite class in school – Yearbook. It was my first taste of graphic design.
  • Drink of choice – Americano in the morning, La Croix in the afternoon, red wine at night
  • Nintendo or Playstation – My childhood had a lot of Mario, Tetris, Duck Hunt, so Nintendo all the way. Remember renting Nintendo games from Blockbuster? Yeah ‘90s!

Serah Ridolfo

Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

With a background in Marketing and as a small business owner, Serah bridges the gap between great products and happy clients. You can catch her in the fast lane on a bike, sailboat, or with the newest digital marketing insights.

A Little More About Serah:

  • Morning or night person – I’m more of an afternoon person.
  • Favorite hobby – so many hobbies. Everything from fiber arts to cycling to podcasting.
  • Life motto – You can’t pour from an empty cup.
  • Hogwarts House – Ravenclaw.
  • Best coffee in the city – Iced coffee from Panola St Cafe.
  • Choose one: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter – Instagram.
  • Mario or Luigi – Luigi!
  • Favorite class in school – Any foreign language course and consumer behavior.
  • Number one favorite food – Nothing quite like a perfectly ripe pear!

Allison Schmidt

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

Allison has been a part of the team since February 2018. With a degree in Marketing, Allison started her career with freelance writing for online publications like Nylon, Allure, Bravo, and Brides. She loves building a social media presence for brands and working on overall marketing strategy.

A Little More About Allison:

  • Do you prefer to create or experience – Create.
  • Handwriting or typing – Typing! So much faster and it’s actually legible.
  • Favorite hobby – Sewing, painting, and photography are my hobbies of the moment, but I’ll always have a soft spot for blogging.
  • Work in quiet, with music, or podcasts – Quiet instrumental music.
  • Hogwarts House – Hufflepuff.
  • Favorite New Orleans festival – NOLA On Tap! It’s literally a puppy and beer festival, doesn’t get much better than that!
  • Best coffee in the city – French Truck Coffee.
  • Movies or TV shows – TV Shows! I’d rather watch 3 hours of TV than watch a 3-hour movie.
  • Morning or night person – Morning all the way!

Lindsey Bock

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

Lindsey has a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art with a concentration in digital art. She has been a photoshop and illustrator master for 8 years and creates all of our graphics, website designs, and advertisements.

A Little More About Lindsey:

  • Number one favorite food – Tacos!
  • Favorite hobby – Besides art, bouldering.
  • Movies or TV shows – TV shows! I love Game of Thrones, Westworld, Stranger Things, and Broad City.
  • Mario or Luigi – Princess Peach?
  • Hogwarts House – Gryffindor!
  • Best coffee in the city – Iced lavender latte at pagoda cafe hands down.
  • What is your favorite superhero – Mystique from XMen.
  • NOLA bar of choice – St. Joes!
  • Think back to 2010, iPod or Zune? – iPod all the way.
  • Favorite New Orleans festival – Jazz fest!

Leo Skovron

Web Developer

Web Developer

Leo started programming professionally in 2015, and picked up the skill by taking online coding courses.

A Little More About Leo:

  • Travel Bucket List – If I had to choose one place to visit before I die, I’d go to Japan.
  • 15 Minutes of Fame – I play bass in a band called Miss Mojo. My favorite musical moment is the first time I heard my music play on WWOZ.
  • Bar of choice – Maple Leaf for music, Bayou Beer Garden for Crawfish, Holy Ground for games, Pal’s lounge for a nightcap.
  • Mario Kart or Super Smash Bros – It really depends. I think that Mario Kart can really bring a group of people together, and I prefer it in social settings or with a less competitive group. Super Smash Bros, on the other hand, is not for messing around. Super Smash Bros can turn great friends into bitter rivals just as easily as it can form a bond between former enemies, and I never take an opportunity to meet in the Super Smash arena lightly.
  • Number one favorite food – Parasol’s Firecracker Shrimp po-boy with a frozen irish coffee on the side, followed by almond macaroons from Angelo Brocato’s.

Kristal Terrell

Marketing Assistant

Marketing Assistant

Kristal started with Swamped Media in September 2018. With a degree in marketing, she has a passion for all things digital, especially blogging and social media. When not in the office, you will probably find Kristal at a concert or music festival.

A Little Bit More About Kristal:

  • Coffee or tea – Coffee
  • Favorite New Orleans Festival – Jazz Fest for the music and the strawberry lemonade!
  • Lots of apps or big entree – Lots of appetizers
  • Movies or TV shows – Movies! I probably go to the movies once every other week!
  • Think back to 2010, iPod or Zune – iPod
  • What is your favorite superhero – The International Justice League of Super Acquaintances
  • Work in quiet, with music, or podcasts – Music, I make specific playlists to listen to at work.
  • Choose one: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter – Instagram

Erica Freedman

Operations Specialist

Operations Specialist

Erica is a writer, editor, & digital content creator with a knack for operational strategy, business development, & organization. After several years in marketing, she’s joined the team as their Operations Specialist. She believes media is the gateway to a truly equitable future, where people can access quality education and connect for the greater good.

A Little More About Erica:

  • Morning or night person: Both because I am an insomniac!
  • Work in quiet, with music, or podcasts: In quiet or with Lizzo bumping in the background.
  • Coffee or tea: Both, gimme all the caffeine.
  • Books, audiobooks, or movie adaptation: BOOKS, in print, please.
  • What is your favorite superhero: Ruth Bader Ginsburg (yes, I mean it).
  • What is your Hogwarts House: Slytherin, but we aren’t all bad!
  • Number one favorite food: Falafel with hummus and cucumber salad.
  • Lot’s of apps or big entree: Tapas, por favor.
  • Beach, woods, or mountain: In my dream world, all the mountains would be covered in forests.