Doorman Designs

Doorman Designs creates unique home furniture that reflects the life of New Orleans. The old Doorman Designs website was outdated and didn’t correlate with the high quality and attention to detail that goes into small batch furniture creation. Without a quality website and low brand awareness, growth was slower than it should have been.

Our Solution

We built Doorman Designs a custom eCommerce website that tells a story for each handcrafted piece of furniture.

The design focuses on showing off large photos of the furniture, a big selling point for clients.

After this update, we have grown along with Doorman Designs and over time have added further marketing efforts to our work together.

We consult on the overarching marketing strategy, and have taken over their social media and Google advertising.

With our help Doorman Designs has been able to grow brand awareness outside of New Orleans and establish the brand as a high-quality furniture design company.

Facebook Ads

Doorman Designs already had a strong local following but wanted to increase sales nationally. Get Online NOLA helped pinpoint the best potential markets and ran targeted Facebook ads that increased brand recognition and online sales.

Pinterest & Blogging

We developed unique Pinterest boards and design inspiration blog posts that increased the designer’s visibility and brought new users to the e-commerce store.