LCI Workers’ Comp

LCI Workers’ Comp provides workers’ compensation coverage for over 4,000 Louisiana businesses. For over 30 they have provided necessary coverage and focused on customer service. Their old website was dated and couldn’t show off their long history and expert staff. The previous site design was holding back LCI Workers’ Comp, and was making them lose relevance in the digital landscape.

Our Solution

We approached the new website with attention to detail and research-based strategy to ensure the site would be as effective as possible. We built a robust marketing strategy that helped us have a deep understanding of the brand, their customers, and the needs of those customers.

With all of this in mind, we built LCI Workers’ Comp a fully custom website. The site features their culture of people-first, their sense of humor, and unique design elements to reflect their logo. The orange hexagons from the logo are reflected in the middle section on the homepage showing just how easily the coverage works. We also utilized hexagons in a subtle pattern used in the title section of all other pages on the site.

The new site is distinctly modern, easy to navigate, and easy for LCI Workers’ Comp to use and update. They keep the site regularly updated with their blog, and events pages!

Staff directory

We built LCI Workers’ Comp a custom staff directory page to feature their expert staff. The page allows users to easily sort based on the staff members job function. It also features a fun interactive element – when you click on a staff member to learn more, the page expands to add a new side column with their contact info and biography.