Rent-A-Nerd is a flourishing local IT business, but their website didn’t reflect their reputation in a thriving industry. Our favorite nerds were working with an old and outdated website that was too difficult to update. As a growing business, they needed their digital marketing assets to look current. They also needed to be able to make updates to their website whenever necessary. Consistent marketing was also required to ensure cohesive branding across all marketing efforts.

Our Solution

We built Rent-A-Nerd a completely custom website that has grown with their business. The “nerds” can now easily update the website when needed, without a headache.

The icon pack we created is used to keep their marketing consistent for print ads and promotional items.

As the Rent-A-Nerd business has grown they have asked us back again and again to accommodate their growth with new functional features.

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Custom Icon Pack Design

City Business Print Ad

Rack Card Design