The Notary Shoppe, Et Al.

The Notary Shoppe, Et Al. provides a unique service to the people of the New Orleans metropolitan area – they save them from hours in line at the DMV! They not only provide notarial services, but title transfers, DMV services like drivers license renewals, and so much more. Their old website was slow to load and difficult to navigate, making it hard for consumers to find the information that they needed. For a business that provides many different services, their site needed to be super clear and have information easily available.

Our Solution

Having worked with The Notary Shoppe on their marketing efforts for several months before building the new website, we knew that mobile optimization was key for the new site. Many people find the site on their phones, so ensuring that the website works perfectly on different device sizes was a priority.

We built The Notary Shoppe a new website based off one of our tried and true designs. The new website is organized and ensure users flow naturally, making sure that anyone can easily find all of the services they provide and their many locations.

The new website was made to be much more impactful with it’s design. We utilized bold blue and green to draw the eye to the navigation, and made sure the text was clear and easy to read on any device.

Updated Branding

We also worked with The Notary Shoppe to update their branding. This included redesigning their logo and signage at all six of their locations. The new logo reflects their previous logo, but is a cleaner and easier to read design with the added local touch of fleur de lis.

The Logo Before and After

Digital Marketing

We help bring new customers to The Notary Shoppe with Google ads and digital brand management. Through Google ads alone we are able to bring more than 2,000 visitors every month to The Notary Shoppe website to learn about their services.