The Velvet Cactus

The Velvet Cactus is a fun restaurant that needed a website that would work better for their growing concept. With a funky atmosphere, young clientele, and great food, they needed a modern website and consistent branding across all of their digital platforms. Their previous website wasn’t very user friendly due to buggy code and broken links, and they lacked consistency across all their marketing efforts, which wasn’t helpful in growing a secondary market.

Our Solution

With a well loved restaurant in New Orleans, we knew that brand awareness was key for building their secondary market in Baton Rouge.

We did a complete overhaul of their website design to make it fun and functional for their customers. With the addition of a new eCommerce platform, The Velvet Cactus is now able to sell gift cards and catering online, adding new revenue streams.

We also crafted a digital and print marketing plan for both locations to ensure consistency. With our help The Velvet Cactus Baton Rouge is catching up to her well loved New Orleans location.

Social Media

Get Online NOLA Worked with the Velvet Cactus to more than double their Instagram followers, and drastically improve Facebook engagement.



We worked with The Velvet Cactus to partner with local New Orleans and Baton Rouge food influencers to visit the restaurant and share their experience with their thousands of followers. This drove traffic to TVC’s social media pages and their restaurant.

Digital Gift Cards

Introducing downloadable gift cards on the new Velvet cactus site made the restaurant an even more popular destination for holiday giving. The system paid for itself over the holiday season.

eCommerce Platform

We custom-built an e-commerce platform that allows customers to order catering online and schedule a pick up time. Who doesn’t need a taco bar in their life?